Hay River town council chasing the ace with bylaw amendment

A deck of cards. (courtesy Michael Panza-Beltrandi)
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Chase the Ace fever has got northerners from Hay River and parts of Yellowknife lining up to cash in on the raffle – including their own town council.

On Monday, Hay River town council held a meeting to discuss whether to change their bylaws surrounding raffle earnings.

The current system earns the town a flat fee of $1,550 for raffles that offer prizes over $20,000.

But a proposed amendment would see the town take five per cent of the total prize – meaning games like Hay River’s current one could earn the town a whopping $10,000.

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Though in this case it’s a small portion from a large pot, concerns have been raised that the change could end up costing smaller businesses.

If a business were to spend a lot of money organizing a raffle, the five per cent cut the town would take under a new bylaw could mean businesses would be paying the town rather than receiving any profits.

The town’s administration and finance committees are currently discussing the amendment.

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