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NWT woman receives $5 bill in mail from random American

As the old adage goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Or at least in this case, an ‘annoying’ $5 Canadian banknote makes more sense in the hands of a Canadian than it does in the wallet of a Bostonian.

That exchange happened randomly in Fort Simpson this week when a woman named Beth Jumbo received a note and a $5 bill in the mail from a man identified only as “Brian from Boston.”

According to a letter written by “Brian” – which has since been shared on Facebook – he visited Quebec City five years and has had the bill in his wallet ever since.

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Because he figured he wouldn’t be visiting the country anytime soon, he decided to put the ‘annoying’ bill to better use by mailing it to a random Canadian instead of throwing it out.

Jumbo, a senior administrative official in the village of Fort Simpson, was the lucky recipient after a bill with Sir Wilfred Laurier on it appeared in her mailbox Tuesday.

“I can’t be throwing away good money so I thought I’d mail it to someone in Canada,” the letter read.

“I don’t know anyone in Canada, so I decided to find a more remote place using Google Maps and see if I could find a name and an address.

“And there you were, Senior Administrative Office Town of Fort Simpson.”

Jumbo told CTV News the package was a ‘pleasant surprise’ and an experience that she immediately had to share with her co-workers.


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