Fire breaks out in mobile home unit just outside Yellowknife

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A mobile home-type structure along Highway 3 was badly damaged by a fire last week, according to the City of Yellowknife.

At approximately 4:45am on Friday, a passerby informed the Yellowknife Fire Division that flames and smoke could be seen pouring out of a structure roughly 14 kilometres from city limits.

Upon arrival, firefighters discovered a mobile-type structure completely engulfed in flames but because of a lack of vehicle access, crews weren’t able to apply any water.

Instead, firefighters ensured that there were ‘no exposures that would extend the fire,’ according to city officials.

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On Friday night, the occupant of the structure arrived and told first responders he noticed a glow between the ceiling and chimney the night prior to the fire.

Following an unsuccessful attempt to extinguish it, the man evacuated without contacting the Yellowknife Fire Division.

A total of 23 personnel responded to the fire, including RCMP and the fire marshal’s office.

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