Rangers conduct Exercise Dene Ranger along Great Slave Lake

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Canadian Rangers will patrol 1,400 kilometres around Great Slave Lake as part of Exercise Dene Ranger over the next week.

Approximately 135 members of the 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group ( 1 CRPG) will take part in the exercise alongside regular and reserve soldiers with the Canadian Armed Forces.

As part of the operation, which runs from February 22 to March 1, members will practice search and rescue scenarios and take part in other procedures as they travel towards Yellowknife.

From a base near Yellowknife, Rangers will also conduct a live firing range, practice navigational skills and participate in a snowmobile demonstration around Back Bay.

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There are 1,800 Canadian Rangers in 60 Patrols across the three territories with roughly 660 stationed in the NWT.

Typically, their role is to provide a military presence in northern, coastal and isolated regions in Canada which cannot be easily covered by other elements of the Canadian Armed Forces.

As the eyes, ears and voices for Canada’s military, Rangers conduct over 300 exercises and operations every year.

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