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100 Men Who Give a Damn chapter launches in Yellowknife

A new group has launched in Yellowknife with the sole purpose of donating money to local charities.

100 Men Who Give a Damn Yellowknife launched in the community last week. The idea is to bring together 100 men to make an immediate and positive impact in the city.

Once members have signed a commitment form, they’ll meet four times a year for no more than an hour each time. At the meetings, they’ll be asked to make a $100 donation to a charity that is decided by a membership vote.

Organizations eligible for donations must be registered non-profits and locally based. Start-ups and national charities won’t be considered since the focus is to contribute to local groups.

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Learn more: 100 Men Who Give a Damn Yellowknife on Facebook

“This is a grassroots movement that’s started across Canada and I believe across the US as well,” said Paul Shearme, co-founder of the Yellowknife chapter alongside Garrett Hinchey.

“We saw an opportunity in Yellowknife for local charities to benefit from something like this so we decided to bring it here.”

If members are in good standing (by keeping up to date with donations), they can suggest an organization for donation.

At each meeting, the nominating members of three randomly selected organizations will make a brief presentation about why the group they selected is worthy of a donation.

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Members will then vote for one of the three organizations, with the selected group receiving a $100 donation from every member. That could mean a one-time donation of up to $10,000 depending on membership numbers.

“The premise of this is the power in numbers,” said Shearme. “You know, a $100 donation and one hour of your time turns into $10,000 for a local charity.

“That $10,000 is something that’s very tangible and something that a lot of our charities could use for projects.

“The group calls for 100 men but I would love to see 200 men out, then we’re doubling our donations.”

The group’s first meeting will take place at the Top Knight on February 24, starting at 5pm.

To fill out a member commitment form, click here (pdf).

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