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Food for thought: City wants your views on food trucks

Should the way food trucks operate in downtown Yellowknife be changed?

The City of Yellowknife is looking into that with a new survey for residents.

Last year, there were disagreements downtown when it came to where, exactly, food trucks should base themselves – with at least one cafe owner expressing concern that trucks parked too near an establishment would damage business.

This year, the rules could change again. City officials say they will meet restaurant owners and food truck operators after consulting locals on the issue.

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“Food vendors are an important part of Yellowknife’s food scene. The City wants to ensure the needs of restaurant owners, residents, visitors and food vendors are met in a balanced manner,” said Yellowknife mayor Mark Heyck in a prepared statement.

Food truck parking map
Where you can, and can’t, park a food truck in Yellowknife. Basically: avoid the red bits.

The survey presents a detailed map of the city centre, outlining areas in red where food trucks were banned in 2015 alongside yellow dots representing approved parking locations.

If you’re a local business owner, you’re given a chance to say if food trucks had an impact on your business.

Then, residents are presented with a number of ways to change the rules on food trucks this year.

Have your say: Take the City of Yellowknife’s survey here

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Those options include doing away with restrictions entirely; keeping food trucks away from food and beverage establishments; limiting trucks to one per block on Franklin and in certain other areas; and creating a temporary food court on the empty 50/50 lot, where ‘Food on Franklin’ evenings were held last summer.

Residents are also asked to select from a range of statements representing opinions: food trucks are good for the food industry’s health; they encourage people to eat out more; they have an unfair business advantage; they provide a small business opportunity; and/or they increase foot traffic downtown.

The survey runs until January 29.


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