McBryan offers to help homeless Vancouver man in Buffalo gear

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Buffalo Airways general manager Mikey McBryan has offered to put a roof over a homeless Vancouver man’s head this Christmas after seeing pictures of him wearing Buffalo apparel.

On Thursday, McBryan came across the story of Steve Borik, a 57-year-old homeless man who hasn’t been able to cash a winning lottery ticket because he doesn’t have photo identification.

According to CBC Vancouver, Borik won $25,000 on an $8 Keno ticket back in July. The only problem is, he hasn’t had photo ID for a couple years now.

After realizing he was a winner, Borik told the public broadcaster he’d like to spend Christmas indoors if he can get the ticket cashed on time. He even said he’d donate some of his winnings to help more homeless people.

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In Yellowknife, McBryan heard of Borik’s story through his brother, who sent him a link to the article. He told Moose FM he immediately recognized what Borik was wearing.

“This guy’s sitting here wearing a Buffalo hoodie, I have to help him out. So I got a hold of Belle Puri at CBC [Vancouver] who got a message off to him today to see if I can hopefully do something for him.

“He’s pretty strong-willed I guess and doesn’t like handouts but I put the offer in to get him a hotel room for Christmas.

“Maybe put in a donation to the homeless shelter on his behalf, I’m open for everything. I just hope to extend some Christmas cheer to someone who’s really in need.”

Borik told CBC Vancouver that he’s never been on welfare before and that he survives on a day-to-day basis. McBryan figures the hoodie had quite the journey before making its way to him.

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“I started Buffalo Airwear almost 11 years now and to see an article of clothing I helped design on the back of someone who actually really needs it, it’s pretty cool and heart-warming to me.

“He might not even know about Buffalo Airways or have heard of the TV show [Ice Pilots NWT] but that doesn’t matter to me.

“I just want to reach out and extend a helping hand.”

McBryan is hopeful Borik will reach out to him so the two can talk.


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