RCMP launch Operation Rednose to prevent impaired driving

Police perform a roadside check in Yellowknife. (2015)
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You can expect to see more traffic patrols and check stops on NWT roads over the next month, as police conduct Operation Rednose.

Officers will also be checking snowmobile and ATV operators off-road since impaired driving isn’t only limited to roadways.

The aim of the annual campaign is to prevent impaired driving during the holiday season.

Police will be especially busy on territorial roads this Friday, as detachments across the country mark National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day of Action.

During last year’s Operation Rednose, 23 people were charged with impaired driving in the territory while a further 11 people had their licenses suspended for 24 hours.

If you suspect someone is drinking and driving, call your local RCMP detachment.

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