Recount confirms Vanthuyne’s victory in Yellowknife North

Cory Vanthuyne
Yellowknife North MLA Corey Vanthuyne.
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Cory Vanthuyne has officially been elected as MLA of Yellowknife North, as newly elected members reported to the legislature for their first day of work Tuesday.

Vanthuyne’s victory over Dan Wong last week underwent a judicial recount Tuesday because of how close the race was. Unofficial results released on election night showed Vanthuyne beating Wong by just 16 votes – 392 to 376.

Under NWT election rules, a recount is mandatory if the difference between first and second place is less than two percent of the total votes cast in the riding.

But after Tuesday’s recount, nothing changed – and Vanthuyne’s 16-vote victory remained intact.

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“I finally feel relieved,” he told Moose FM. “I had faith that the numbers were going to remain the same but certainly I feel relieved now that it’s been affirmed.

“It feels official, I feel great and I’m certainly proud to take on this position. I look forward to representing the residents of Yellowknife North.”

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Vanthuyne, a former city councillor and deputy mayor of Yellowknife, admitted to ‘scoreboard-watching’ when newly elected members convened for the first time Tuesday.

That all changed when his victory become official.

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“I was the only one approved to keep monitoring my cellphone while we were in our session,” he said with a laugh.

“When my agent gave me the official word that nothing had changed, the room gave me a little bit of applause and another round of handshakes so I was very honoured by that.

“Even though I’ve lived here for a very long time and have had some interactions with MLAs in the past as a city councillor, there’s still so much to learn.”

Two other recounts were carried out by the Supreme Court Monday. The first confirmed Herb Nakimayak’s four-vote victory over Jackie Jacobson in Nunakput. A second one cemented Caroline Cochrane-Johnson’s triumph in Range Lake.


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